It is IMPOSSIBLE to succeed without being productive. Productivity, however, is the most misunderstood requirement for success.  It's time to learn a new way to think about productivity!


After 25 years of helping businesses achieve their greatest successes, my work now includes support of individuals who are interested in being productive.

Success is your ability to improve, achieve, and become as you intend.  Whatever your goal—be it to lose weight, build sales for a business, or anything else that is important to you—, success won't t occur spontaneously; it will involves some process. And whatever that process, it will demand you to be productive. 


This is where I can help. In the course of my years of consulting businesses, I developed a productivity model. That model has far greater potential than just building businesses; it could help individuals achieve their most ambitious goals.

In 2020, I wrote a book to introduce my model. That book evolved into a new business. I now teach courses and consult serious goal-getters.


At the foundation of my work is my model: I.D.E.A.L., the most natural process for success. Based on five things we already practice, it is impossible to be successful in any pursuit apart from these five things:


  1. You must be specific about your intention

  2. You must direct yourself from where you are to where you want to be (toward what you intend)

  3. You must engage - take action - your choice of course

  4. You must assess, know your course and actions are sufficient to advance you toward your aim

  5.  You must be able to learn and, as necessary, change in order to stay on-track toward your aim


These five steps comprise the acronym

IDEAL, the five requirements for productivity. In order to be productive, we must start with a look at each area of IDEAL, as they apply to our goals.


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  • Health / Fitness

  • Relationships

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Welcome to, a support resource for productive people - anyone who is serious about the success of their personal or business goals. Here you'll learn a new and more useful way to think about productivity and how to improve, achieve, or become what is important to you.

Strategy and Skill

A good strategy can make the difference between the success or failure of a pursuit. Support your efforts with skills and smart approaches to being productive.

Focus and Motivation

It's not enough to have a specific goal; success requires your goal to be actionable. Learn how to make your best effort to sustain motivation and achieve success!

Planning + Productivity

Need support planning your success or being productive? TASKS is a five-step model that will get you on-track toward the  progress you want.