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Power webinar means: no nonsense, fast-paced, and information-packed webinars that deliver what you want to know within 20-30 minutes. That's power! These knowledge-building, time-saving, and valuable messages are FREE to subscribers.


An introduction to the course, the Achieve webinar touches on each aspect of IDEAL and explains how to actually be productive, a  requirement for the success of any goal. 

The Sales Success

Based on my first book, this webinar is an introduction to the course by the same name. If greater sales success is important to you, you'll find inspiration and support for improved sales in this webinar!

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Deep Dive


Receive the complete message about what is required by ALL successful goals.


This deep dive course is for serious goal-oriented people. Whatever your aim, ensure its success. Learn how to plan, prepare, pursue, and progress toward the success of your most ambitious goal with IDEAL! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

The Sales Success

This course should be required for all sales professionals, especially sales leaders.  IDEAL for Sales presents the newest, most comprehensive sales solution available. This will be the most empowering sales-growth course you'll find, guaranteed

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One-to-one 30 or 60-minute session on the topic of your choice.  Get answers, advice, and direction about IDEAL for planning, managing, or pursuing your goal. 

New Courses Coming Soon!

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Lead your client to greater success

Coach, train, or consult your clients to your full potential. Deliver more value and become invaluable to your clients.

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Be the best you possible!

Learn what self-development actually requires and the lifestyle that will empower you to become the best you possible

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Achieve your most ambitious goal.
Participate with others!  Accept The Challenge



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What Do You Want

to improve, achieve, or become in your life or for your business?

IDEAL is a five-step process for our development and the success of goals. This site offers courses and coaching that will give you step-by-step direction toward what is important to you —in your life or for your business.


Learn how in 15 minutes.