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Private one-on-one consultation. Client-selected topic.

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Interactive one-on-one or group training based on a preliminary assessment and client’s goals. Service may include assignments, exercises, materials, and hands-on support. 


Dedicated four-week support tailored to client’s goals and based on a comprehensive assessment.


Service for individuals or groups up to five (5) includes:


  • 4 sessions (30-45 minutes, once per week)

  • 1 training (60-90 minutes)

  • 3 productivity reports with recommendations

  • Offline availability

  • Ongoing email correspondence with trainees

  • Customized reports with review

  • Additional materials, as applicable


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  • Enjoy a more rewarding life and career

  • Learn how to ensure the success of your goal or vision

  • Excel toward your potential with greater productivity

  • Overcome challenges by knowing your “why-not”

  • Escape the trap of "good habits"

  • Know how to be truly productive

  • Prepare more effectively for your success

  • Sustain your motivation

IDEAL is a potentially life-changing message about life's process for our  development, becoming who we are, and achieving success (reaching our potential through pursuing personal or professional goals). 


This title is currently unavailable. achieving

Based on the extraordinary career of Steven Robert Young, The Sales Success is a critique of the troubled profession of sales with a complete and detailed proposition for its recovery. Achieve reliable success in sales with this potentially invaluable and timely message. 

Coming soon.  , The Sales

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GOALS: The Course to Success is  free for a limited time. 

Top-rated international trainer Steven Robert Young will help you conquer your Why-NOT and empower you to achieve your personal and/or professional goals. This information-packed support resource provides:


  • Over 15 ready-to-use productivity strategies to improve results

  • More than 20 hands-on Action Items for immediate use

  • Over 10,000 words of substantive content


As you progress through the material presented here, you will learn:
1. Concepts – new ways to understand and achieve productivity
2. Practices – new ways to plan and prepare for achieving goals
3. Strategies – new ways to support success

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