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IDEAL is an acronym for a five-part productivity model, the most natural framework by which to plan your success.  The basic idea of IDEAL is that each step of the model creates a process, and, through its application to reach your sales goal, you can discover how to improve productivity—your sales efforts.  IDEAL should be used as a dynamic guide—one that evolves—as you progress toward success. 

Each step of your IDEAL plan will address a critically important area related to your goal. These areas are: Intend; Direct; Engage; Assess; Learn. Each area may be understood this way:


  1. Intend = your goal, with regard for related considerations;

  2. Direct = your choice of a course by which to attain your goal;

  3. Engage = your efforts to satisfy a performance standard required by your goal;

  4. Assess = data-based assessment of your progress; and

  5. Learn = refinement of your aim, approach, and efforts (the first three points).

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An interest in sales improvement is actually an interest to improve productivity—the results from your sales efforts. Since results are related to activities, skills, knowledge, data, etc., any, or a combination of, refinement in these areas may lead to improved sales. The starting point to improved sales is to decide where to invest your attention to improve.




  1. Consider your sales process;

  2. Identify the major steps that convert your potential clients into clients;

  3. Identify the activities involved in your process, which may include prospecting, nurturing, presentations, data management, negotiation, etc.;

  4. Select the activity or activities to achieve targeted improvement(s).


 NOTE:  Be aware! There could be a difference between what you think will improve your sales and what would actually improve sales. Areas to consider: 


  • Phone skills

  • Prospecting

  • Quality of data

  • Sales management

  • Data management

  • Presentation materials

  • Presentation skills

  • Strategies / Approaches

  • Ability to nurture opportunities

  • Degree of relevant knowledge (about sales, your prospects, etc.)