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IDEAL is an acronym for a five-part productivity model, the most natural framework by which to plan your success.  The basic idea of IDEAL is that each step of the model creates a process, and, through its application to reach your sales goal, you can discover how to improve productivity—your sales efforts.  IDEAL should be used as a dynamic guide—one that evolves—as you progress toward success. 

Each step of your IDEAL plan will address a critically important area related to your goal. These areas are: Intend; Direct; Engage; Assess; Learn. Each area may be understood this way:


  1. Intend = your goal, with regard for related considerations;

  2. Direct = your choice of a course by which to attain your goal;

  3. Engage = your efforts to satisfy a performance standard required by your goal;

  4. Assess = data-based assessment of your progress; and

  5. Learn = refinement of your aim, approach, and efforts (the first three points).


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