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The Cornerstones of Productivity  

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Fact:  a top cause of failed goals is the lack of planning.


If the success of your goal is important to you, learn how to plan your success.  Knowing what you want to achieve does not mean that you know how to achieve. Sure, you have an idea of what’s involved with reaching your goal, but that level of knowledge may be far from sufficient to aptly prepare you for the requirements and challenges that you could face.  Additionally, knowing how to succeed and knowing how not to fail are distinctly different.  A well-designed plan will account for all aspects of your pursuit of success. The bottom line is: learn how to plan, if your goal matters to you.

A plan is specific to you and your goal. It answers the important questions about your process for productivity, and accounts for all key considerations. 


The main aspects of your plan for success will involve these steps:

  1. Determine your process – a detailed description of how you will reach objectives in order to progress from where you are now to the attainment of your goal;

  2. Identify your RAS considerations (requirements, agents, and safeguards);

  3. Set your MPS (minimum performance standard), the results from activity requirement in order to prevent your goal from being in jeopardy of failure;

  4. Decide how you will record progress;

  5. Select a strategy, such as productivity blocks;

  6. Create a Prep Checklist – the requirements for being equipped for productivity.


Among the benefits of having a plan:

  • Can accelerate progress toward achievement; 

  • Establishes records for reference;

  • Supports preparation (to be productive) with a checklist of requirements; 

  • Clarifies a process—the steps—by which to reach your goal;

  • Promotes optimal performance;

  • Acts as a standard by which to assess—situations, opportunities, etc.;

  • Establishes accountability and performance standards;

  • Guides personal and professional development;


A plan can empower your best self, encourage you to create your life, help you avoid regret, and lead you to your potential—personal and professional.

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