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Achievers are not always achieving. Sometimes, the ability to achieve must be postponed or is made impossible by unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes, achievement must yield to a time for something else.

Achievers are not necessarily ambitious, “go-getter” personalities; Achievers include those who act out of a sense of responsibility or from conviction, despite aspiration, ambition, or preference.

Achievers may not be experts of any kind, or possess any noteworthy achievements. Quantity and quality of achievements may have nothing to do with one’s being an achiever.

Achievers may or may not be organized, planners, or well prepared for a pursuit; Achievers are not always ready for an endeavor, but will always strive to succeed in their chosen pursuits.

Achievers act regardless of inauspicious odds for success, discouragement from or the critical opinions of others, and fluctuations of their willpower.

Achievers may not consider themselves achievers but, through their efforts, care about worthwhile accomplishments—in their lives and/or the lives of others.

Achievers—through the stages of their lives—choose to progress, fair forward for what they believe and/or value.

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