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Updated: Apr 1

We all have goals. They may be formal or casual, but they are there – our aspirations. Whether they serve your personal or professional life, be based on your desires, hopes, or necessity, your success will never occur spontaneously; your success will involve a process.

We may have ideas about how to achieve our goals, but what will success actually require? What we know for certain is this:

1. We intend

We are not mindless; we act with intention. Every day, each of us expresses intention—to create, build, avoid, achieve, etc. Although some of our intentions remain dormant as curiosities, hopes, and dreams, in order to reach a goal we must be committed to something that we intend.

2. We direct

We are not aimless; we direct our lives. That is, we make decisions about how, when, and where… We choose the course by which to pursue that which we intend. In order to achieve or become, we must take charge of our lives and make decisions about how we’ll attempt success. It’s important to note: we make choices for our lives (“direct”) regardless of whether or not we formally pursue goals.

3. We engage

We do not expect for mere will to yield outcomes, achieve results, or effect differences in our lives; we consciously act to bring about the rewards of what we intend, from the courses that we have chosen. Whatever the how and why questions of our pursuits, we put forth our answers through our actions. Our actions tell the story of our lives.

4. We assess

How we direct our lives begins with our assessments and decisions about situations, others, and ourselves. Throughout our lives, whether formally or casually, consciously or not, it is by way of our assessments—of who one person is to another, about how conditions impact outcomes, of certain scenarios or a sequence of events, and countless other relationships among various things—that we take confidence in our decisions.

5. We learn

Throughout our lives, we learn. We don't always choose what to learn, but we choose how to use what we’ve come to understand. Learning and application of learning, however, are disparate, not one and the same, and cannot, of themselves, guarantee the success of your goal. You could learn something of potential value but fail to properly apply what you've learned. Conversely, you could properly apply something you’ve learned that has no potential to yield any benefit. Nonetheless, we, through our various experiences, proactively or reactively, for better or for worse, learn.

We all have goals; face yours with IDEAL. IDEAL is the most natural process to success. Apply each step of IDEAL deliberately, as an ongoing process by which to improve and achieve the success that you seek.

If you would like more information about IDEAL, visit my website:, where you can also access my free ebook, GOALS: The Course to Success.

All the best to you for continued success.

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