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Updated: Apr 6

Are you in the dark about how to improve your sales?

The sales profession suffers ongoing challenges. This is the reality of the state of the profession and should come as no surprise to you, if you work in sales. The facts about sales are widely available from your favorite sales support or business data resources. You can find the statistics in their annual reports or articles. The writing has been on the wall for a long while: sales operations function with serious operational and executional deficiencies. One explanation for this situation is the prevalent misconception of the nature and purpose of sales work among its professionals. Sales is behind the times. Renovation—an update of principles and practices—has been long overdue for sales.

The troubles in sales are not the result of events in 2020. Consult your favorite sales support resource for their survey data or investigative analysis over the past several years. Sales continues to struggle with the same problems it has had for years. Of course, there are new challenges, but those only augment the problems that have persisted. It is not a coronavirus that’s to blame. The cause of the problems in sales is the same as the source for a solution to those problems: sales leaders.

As long as those who lead sales operations fail to see or accept the disconnect between their ideas and practices and the fresh—more accurate and relevant—perspectives of sales, that include new concepts and strategies, the sales profession will continue to muddle along.

Sales was never “just a numbers game,” and if you’ve come to understand that truth, how do you now answer the question: What is sales really about? The correct answer to that question will face you with necessary changes in your thinking about the actual work required for success in sales.

There are no quick and easy sales solutions. Well-done sales work is not easy; it involves thought, planning, skills, and relentless professional discipline. Step-up or step aside; it’s time to evolve.

If you want reliable sales success and are genuinely willing to overcome your sales challenges, I encourage you to participate in my free interactive sales training. The course is called “Success in Sales,” and will give you:

1. a more useful way to understand sales and productivity

2. a process to ensure your success

3. my choice for the most important sales strategy

This may be the most valuable sales message you’ll hear. I'm offering this training to support your willingness to learn, improve, and achieve greater sales success. Regardless of your work in sales, I’m sure you’ll find this presentation to be worthwhile.

Go to the training, at:

I wish you all the best for continued success.

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