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Updated: Apr 1

When it comes to your personal and professional goals, self-development, and your potential to learn, improve, become, and achieve, look at what life has given to you. That is, instead of looking at processes and models concocted by people, recognize the course to your success is natural, and expressed through five human characteristics – characteristics that you may express every day.

Think about this:

  • We are not mindless; we are thoughtful and deliberate. We pursue, seek to know, desire, and strive to achieve. That is, we intend.

  • We are not aimless with our intention; we make decisions in order to direct our lives along a course toward what it is that we intend.

  • We are not inactive; we engage life - every day. Our actions are purposeful; they reflect our intention and the decisions we’ve made for how we’ll achieve what we pursue.

  • And, since we care about progress from our actions, we, naturally, assess. We assess situations, others, and ourselves.

  • Through this process—intend, direct, engage, assess—we learn. We learn in order to make sense of our experiences, survive, and satisfy our intentions, among other things.

IDEAL = Intend . Direct . Engage . Assess . Learn

You cannot choose whether or not IDEAL is at work in your life; you only choose how IDEAL works in your life. IDEAL is life’s process for our development and achievements, and it works through five human characteristics: intend, direct, engage, assess, and learn. Now that you know about IDEAL, apply IDEAL deliberately. It is the most natural process to success.

More information on personal development, productivity, and related subjects is available on my website: Once there, take a closer look at IDEAL. And, if you would like help with your personal or professional goals, contact me. Also consider downloading my free ebook GOALS: The Course to Success. It’s yours – in support of your greater accomplishments.

I wish you all the best for continued success.

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