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Updated: Apr 1

You want to be your “best self,” live a meaningful life, and succeed—that is, reach your personal and professional goals. How will you achieve these worthwhile endeavors? You could read a book and watch videos that offer anecdotes and advice. Whatever you decide, your best effort to develop yourself and succeed will involve a process that you already follow. That is, while books and videos can be helpful, there is a completely natural process that empowers our achievements, and becoming the people we wish to be. The process consists of five human attributes. The process consists of five human attributes and is known by the acronym IDEAL: intend; direct; engage; assess; learn.

You will continue, as you always have, to practice this process as you progress throughout your life. In fact, we all express the attributes of this process, whether we are goal-oriented or not, since it’s in our nature to do so. The course to success is built into us. This is not a matter of opinion; this is a fact that can only be accepted or ignored.

In order to understand this natural process, consider each of these points:

(1) We are not mindless; we act with intention. Every day, each of us expresses intention—to create, build, avoid, discover, etc. In order to reach a goal, we must be committed to something that we intend. To intend is a natural attribute of being human.

(2) We are not aimless; we direct our lives. We make decisions about the course we’ll follow toward what we intend. Again, it is important to note: we make choices for your lives (“direct”) regardless of whether or not we pursue goals. To direct is a natural attribute of being human.

(3) We consciously act to bring about the benefits from what we intend, from the courses that we have chosen. Whatever the how and why questions of our pursuits, we put forth our answers through our actions. To engage is a natural attribute of being human.

(4) How we direct our lives begins with our assessments and decisions about situations, others, and ourselves. Whether formally or casually, consciously or not, we constantly assess, because we want to know what’s happening around us. To assess is a natural attribute of being human.

(5) Throughout life, we learn. We don't always choose what to learn, but we choose how to apply what we know and believe. Learning and application of learning, however, are not the same, and cannot, of themselves, guarantee the success of any goal. Nonetheless, we, throughout our lives, for better or worse, learn. To learn is a natural attribute of being human.

Let’s return to our original question: How will you achieve your worthwhile endeavors? IDEAL is a natural and ongoing process that can help you build on our efforts to advance, and empower you to achieve your potential—personal and professional. Whatever course you choose for your development and success, be aware of IDEAL.

Some suggestions:

(1) increase self-awareness; know where you stand today;

(2) gain detailed clarity about what you want (intend);

(3) plan, decide how you will pursue your aim (direct);

(4) make your best effort to progress with appropriate actions (engage);

(5) regularly evaluate what your progress, plan, and course (assess);

(6) discover and be open to change (learn);

(7) repeat this process.

Build on your knowledge. Build on your success. Apply IDEAL, because IDEAL applies to you.

If you would like to know more about IDEAL, or get support with your goal—personal or professional—, contact me through my website:

I wish you all the best for continued success!

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