The HIGH-PERFORMANCE Sales Operation

A high-performance sales operation is: (1) data-driven; (2) process-based; and (3) strategy-centered. Sales requires of its professionals several proficiencies to work harmoniously, and attributes that must include:

  • relentless persistence,

  • adaptability,

  • sociability,

  • creativity,

  • organization,

  • analytical abilities,

  • steadfast follow-through,

  • attention to detail,

  • a can-do attitude that is service and solution oriented.

The purpose of sales for a business is, firstly, to discover how to be effective – how to sell a specific product or service in a specific marketplace, with specific resources, and against specific competition. After that, sales is about profit optimization through efficiency improvements. Improved efficiency cannot interfere with effectiveness, the primary purpose of sales.

A high-performance sales operation is empowered by management – management of: (1) data; (2) support resources; (3) operational improvement; (4) insight; and (5) productivity that reliably converts sales potential into actual sales.

Does this describe your sales operation? If not, you cannot reach your sales potential. But you can change that problem.

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