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The Cornerstones of Productivity  

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Being prepared (to pursue your goal) is not an emotion; being prepared is the condition of practical readiness to execute your plan for success.  You may not always feel motivated, which is a state of mind that can be resolved.  However, once you’re oriented toward being productive, you’ll want to be properly supported to achieve targeted progress toward your goal.


Being prepared to chase your goal means you have completed the Prep Checklist established in your plan.

  Noteworthy:   a major challenge with productivity is not our lack of preparedness to work, but, rather, our lack of preparedness for why we won’t work – the lack of preparation for our “why-not”, the reasons that make us our greatest obstacle to success. 

Preparation is not a one-time activity. As you discover how to be more productive and improve your plan, the requirement for being prepared to pursue your goal will also evolve. 


Being prepared involves completing all items on your Prep Checklist, which should be developed as you plan. Basics action items that are common among checklists include:


  1. Develop relevant knowledge;

  2. Setup your support tools—apps, resources, memberships, etc., whatever is appropriate to your plan;

  3. As applicable, prepare your approaches, routine, and workspace;

  4. Setup safeguards for productivity and against opposition to productivity;

  5. Create an ARMED schedule and/or WSO (weekly schedule of objectives); 

  6. Development your productivity strategy;

  7. Setup equipment, prepare materials, stock supplies, etc.



Being prepared supports your success by optimizing your process. Among other benefits of being prepared:


  • Success is more profitable;

  • Increased efficiency;

  • Improved effectiveness;

  • Sustained motivation.

  • Your best effort to be productive—to succeed;

  • Succeed sooner, save time;

  • Minimize opposition, difficulties, delays, etc.;

Learn the four cornerstones of productivity and new strategies to support the success of your personal and professional goals, self improvement, and living meaningfully.

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