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Are  you productive?

Productivity is the most misunderstood requirement for success of a business or personal goal.

Test Yourself Against the IDEAL Checklist

IDEAL is an acronym for five steps that create the most natural process for success of a business or personal goal.


Can you explain your goal in terms that combine the "What" and "How" of your goal?

Your actions are not arbitrary; you act with a purpose, based on what you know.  The question is: do you know how to be productive enough to achieve your goal? 

☑️ Understand your type of goal, so that you can properly prepare

☑️ Know your "why not," how you or external factors could oppose your progress

☑️ Know your anchors, so that you can sustain focus and motivation

☑️ Know where you stand and weigh relevant considerations (there are three important kinds), so that you can wisely choose your course to success


What does productivity (results) require in order for you to reach your goal?

(Note: productivity has four cornerstones. Account for each one)

You're not aimless; you direct yourself along a course toward what you want. 

☑️ Create an actionable plan for success

☑️ Account for the productivity cornerstonesproject, prepare, pursue, and progress.

☑️ Establish performance standards


Productivity is not about activity; it's about results. Is your knowledge and are your skill sufficient for your productivity requirements? How do you know?

You're not idle. Everyday, you engage life— opportunities and challenges—to realize something that you've intended. 

☑️ Prepare according to what you established in the Direct step

☑️ Pursue! 

☑️ Apply productivity strategies

☑️ Integrate your plan into your daily routine


Can you validate your plan and actions with verifiable data? Do you know that your are on-track toward your goal, or where changes are required to get on-track?

You're not unaware; you assess—your efforts, outcomes, situations, others, and yourself—daily. 

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As necessary, will you know where and how to make changes in order to sustain being productive?

You're not complacent; you learn, and apply what you learn in order to improve and advance toward your potential - your goal. 

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“If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you are doing.”
—Dr. William Edwards Deming

Here's the problem: wherever there is weakness in any area of your IDEAL—what you intend, your course, your efforts, how you evaluate, or your ability to progress—you will face challenges; your goal may be in jeopardy of failing.


If your goals matter, take steps to ensure their success. Learn a new and more useful way to safeguard your productivity.  Watch the FREE Power webinar (delivers just the information you want), or dive deep into greater productivity with an online course. 

Ready to support the success of your personal or business goal?  Take the next step toward (greater) success!

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