“If you can't describe what you are doing as a process,
you don't know what you're doing.”
- William Edwards Deming
There is no magic that improves sales. Improvement requires two things from you:
(1) discovery; and (2) change.  I.D.E.A.L. is a five-part model that will guide you in discovery of how to achieve greater sales success IN YOUR BUSINESS. The benefit of working with respect of of your unique situation will lead you to knowing how to sell your products and/or services reliably. As you learn, apply the changes required in order to improve.

Step 1:

Be able to explain - in detail - how your sales occur as a process
Sales do not occur spontaneously; sales are always the result of some process. If you are unclear about the details of the process that converts your prospects into clients, sales improvement will be unnecessarily difficult for you.
In order to have greater clarity about the process on which you rely to sell, be able to clearly answer these questions:
  1. What are the steps that convert your prospective clients into clients?
  2. What are the primary objectives for each of the steps in your process?
  3. What are the skills and strategies that ensure success in meeting the objectives of your process?
  4. What data is needed for your sales efforts and to have insight into the effectiveness of those efforts?
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Be focused
Once you are clear about your process, be clear about what--specifically--you expect from that process. Have a clear and realistic goal, and assess sales efforts--at each step in your process--according to that goal. Without a specific goal, or aim, and assessment of effectiveness, motivation to excel may wane and clarity about how to improve may be missed.

Activity is Not Productivity

Productivity is the single most important requirement for success.  Productivity is not activity; it's a result, a standard of achievement toward a clear, well-defined goal or vision.
A well-defined goal provides a useful context by which to assess efforts to improve sales.  Struggle to reach a goal or realize a vision often results from a lack of knowledge about what's required for success.
Productivity is not:
Productivity is not setting goals
Productivity is not being active
Productivity is not being motivated
Productivity is not getting organized
Productivity is not "working hard"
Productivity is not effort or intention
Productivity is not making To-Do lists
Productivity is not being "focused"
Productivity is not getting prepared 
Productivity is:
Productivity is a specific standard of accomplishment, the required result from actions taken in order to achieve or make progress towards a goal or vision.
Productivity is a performance level that is specific to each goal, which means that productivity is not some generic busyness, but, rather, a unique standard for activity.
Get the support you need to reach your greater sales potential
Support gives you:
  • Clarity about what you're going to accomplish
  • A plan for a step-by-step process for goal attainment
  • A strategy to ensure your success with each objective
  • Clarity about performance and progress towards your goal
  • Insight into what is working and what requires your attention or further support
Would you like information of the other four steps of the IDEAL model?  Let me know. 

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