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The Cornerstones of Productivity  

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The value of the progress cornerstone is clear: if we deny opportunities to develop ourselves, we deny our potential to become, achieve, and succeed, which runs counter to any plan, preparation, and pursuit for success.


Through progress we can achieve our most meaningful success: personal development. As necessary as our actions are to achievements, if we do not progress—apply what we have learned, change—, we will not meet our potential. Our potential to become, achieve, and succeed requires us to develop ourselves—throughout life—, and prove our discoveries worthwhile.  

Consider these fundamentals to support your personal and professional progress: 


  1. Apply TIDE: think, inquire, decide, execute (i.e., evolve);

  2. Look for SWEET insights from regular assessment of your activity;

  3. Implement revisions of your plan as you discover how to improve;

  4. Invite feedback about your thought process and decisions;

  5. Research and study;

  6. Develop your awareness;

  7. Understand CTT thinking (creative, conceptual, and critical thought processes).

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As mentioned, progress is the cornerstone where we may achieve our most meaningful success, and excel to meet our potential. The benefits of our personal and professional development are numerous, and can include:


  • Greater success, more easily;

  • Empowerment

  • Richer relationships;

  • Development of wisdom;

  • Enjoyment of a more meaningful life (includes career);

  • Increased peace;

  • Greater awareness and resourcefulness…

Learn the four cornerstones of productivity and new strategies to support the success of your personal and professional goals, self improvement, and living meaningfully.

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