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The Cornerstones of Productivity  

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Action confirms what you know, and  reveals  what you need to know, which allows you to improve your ability to achieve. Action drives the potential to succeed and discover—the chance to learn and improve from challenges and failure.  Discovery creates building blocks for greater accomplishments, which is dependent upon your efforts to pursue.

While our pursuits give us the opportunity to prove what we know, they are more useful as a means by which to discover how to improve.  The outcome of a pursuit—successful or not—is not solely reflective of your ability; pursuits involve extraneous conditions, which include a host of factors and variables that can have a wide range of impact on your pursuit. When you pursue a goal, you put your ability to achieve to the test – a test that is subject to altering conditions—inside and around you.

The requirements of a pursuit are relative to its aim, but often require one to:


  1. Orient

  2. Adhere to scheduled activities;

  3. As possible, manage scenarios and conditions in which we must be productive, in order to avoid or minimize interference or opposition;

  4. Reach targeted objectives;

  5. Complete productivity block successfully;

  6. Document progress, observations, and ideas for improvement;

  7. At very least, make a MRE (minimum respectable effort).



The benefits from our efforts to pursue can be diverse and certainly include:


  • Discovery of how to improve;

  • Advancement toward your goal;

  • Validation of your plan and preparation;

  • The potential to succeed;

  • Development of new opportunities.

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