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The Most Natural Process to Success


“We are pleased to highly recommend Steve and his company as a training resource, and as a reliable partner.” 


Yousef Al-Halwani, Vice President Training Operations, PROJACS International


At this step, choose your course. Learn about the improvement options available for the areas you wish to improve. This step is the heart of your plan, the step at which you decide—for better or worse—how you’ll achieve improved results. Here, you’ll identify all key considerations related to your effort to be productive, and the contingencies upon which your success depends.


As the name suggests, you’re in control; you “direct” how and to what extent the aspects of your sales operation function and are interdependent.  A few of many decisions made here:


  • Process—the steps and sub-steps to convert sales potential into sales;

  • Use of time;

  • Allocation of resources;

  • Development of skills;

  • Strategy;

  • Required support materials;

  • Coordination of tools;

  • Research, reviews, and revisions;

  • Use of safeguards.


Once you’re confident about what the success of your goal requires, you’re ready to coordinate the activities that will comprise your plan. Consider these steps:


  1. Review options for a methodology;

  2. Create a plan for productivity;

  3. Determine data needed and means to manage activity and assess progress;

  4. As relevant, determine a structure for team and operation management;

  5. Determine progress assessment measurements, assessment schedule and means;

  6. Prepare to sell: train, prepare materials, determine approaches, etc.


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