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The Most Natural Process to Success


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Yousef Al-Halwani, Vice President Training Operations, PROJACS International


After you’ve planned a course to your success, you are ready to prepare accordingly and pursue your goal. Engage is where the “rubber meets the road,” where meaningful productivity is gained or lost.  Your preparation (based on the requirements of the plan you created in the previous step) is critically important to the support of your activity. So, prepare well and completely.  


Skills, knowledge, reliable data, support, tools, and everything else related to your productivity comes into play here.  As relevant, address each of these areas:


  • Your sales presentation;

  • An objective for each step in your process to advance sales opportunities;

  • Data and strategy required in order to qualify and connect with prospective clients;

  • Materials and means required to nurture opportunities (over a long sales cycle);

  • Lists of qualified prospects;

  • Support tools/resources;

  • Account acquisition campaign;

  • Phone and email approaches;

  • Data management system.


In order for the Assess and Learn steps to support the improvement of your sales operation, consider the data required in order for you to have insight into these areas:


  • Status of your opportunities;

  • Usefulness of strategies;

  • Usefulness of support tools/resources;

  • Where fail points exist in your process;

  • What sufficiently supports productivity;

  • Performance differences among sales reps;

  • Where operational improvements can be made; and

  • How IDEAL (your planning and preparation) can be improved.


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