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Yousef Al-Halwani, Vice President Training Operations, PROJACS International


How do you learn how to improve the structure of your sales operation?  What data do you have or could you obtain that might be useful in knowing how efficient and supportive your sales operation has been? The Assess step is a safeguard for productivity, the aspect of IDEAL that clarifies the effectiveness of your plan. Assess will identify productivity status, the merit of accomplishment, potential issues, allow insight, etc. Here, you will (1) monitor and understand progress, (2) track any areas of concern, and (3) review revisions that you’ve made.


Here, insight is sought through information about engagement of processes, application of strategies, skill, and timeframes, all with regard to a performance standard. Judgments of “on-track” or “behind par” are made, and options evaluated.  Issues will either pertain to the plan, preparation, and/or how the plan was executed.


Know where you stand – what isn’t working, what is working, etc. A few thoughts:


  • Frequency: How often are the areas of your frontline sales activity assessed and improvements sought?

  • Steps:  Consider the conversion points of your sales process. What data do you have about decisions and actions that impact success in those areas?

  • Means: How will data be collected and assessed in order for you to gain insight?

  • Range of data: Beyond the data you have, what verifiable information could be obtained that could be valuable?


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