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Assess asks and answers important questions about progress toward your goal relative to your plan. Learn is considered with all areas related to productivity, and the evolution of your plan by way of updates and thoughtful revisions.  This step values curated data from a variety of sources, such as industry reports, research, books and articles, events, etc.


Learn is the safeguard for productivity optimization. Through Learn, you reevaluate, restructure, revise your IDEAL plan in order to be more productive.  If you cease or restrict your ability to learn, you limit your potential to improve, and thereby minimize your options and opportunities. The subsequent result: you preclude any chance for and benefit from greater success. Therefore, your regard for ongoing development through discovery—through the IDEAL process—is imperative for sales growth. 


Learn calls for action—the action of making decisions, the application of what has been learned in order to revise Intend and the work that follows—Direct, Engage, Assess.


Some thoughts and suggestions:


  1. Identify four areas where greater knowledge or insight could reveal where improvements in your operation could be made.

  2. Reevaluate your sales approaches and strategies. Consider how a change could improve results.

  3. List the last three discoveries that led to improvements in your sales or how your sales operation functions.What were the sources of those discoveries?

  4. What are the sources for data on which you depend? What sources could be included that might add value?

  5. How regularly does new insight lead to an improvement in your productivity? How might you improve that regularity? Consider all of areas related to your productivity.

IDEAL is life's process to personal development and the achievement of goals.

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While the IDEAL process is a constant, each plan for productivity is unique—based on the factors that make one, and one’s endeavor to sell, unique.  That is, there is no pre-existing, ready-to-go IDEAL plan for your situation.  IDEAL is a foundation and framework by which to create your plan to be productive.  Don’t be concerned about having the perfect plan from the start. Your plan will improve with use of IDEAL.  Respect your uniqueness, be open to discovery, and make your best effort to succeed.


You now have a comprehensive model for support of improved productivity—for improved sales.  Live better and succeed more naturally with IDEAL.

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