Self-improvement doesn't happen; it results from performance

Learn how to deliver what self-improvement requires.

The course to sales-ability

Sales never occur spontaneously; they are always the result of some process, a few steps—either from you or those who buy from you. If you want to improve sales, improve your process. At this point, you'll need to consider what you assume or have known about how sales occur, and answer this question: is your knowledge about sales outdated?


Sales is a dynamic profession; it changes. Are you aware: there is a new, more effect way to approach success in sales, and is involves thinking differently about the meaning of "close."  These days, CLOSE represents a part method by which to improve sales and achieve reliable sales success.


Learn a new approach to sales and be on your way to "closing" more (and bigger) sales, whatever your business, and however you sell—online (e-commerce), virtual meetings, in-person, through a salesperson or team of salespeople.

Sales: A Troubled Profession

If you're unsure about how to improve sales, you're not alone. In fact, year-after-year, the sales profession struggles with ongoing challenges. This fact is made crystal clear in the annual reports published by your favorite business and sales support resources.

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What or how you sell doesn't matter 

The answer to improved sales and reliable sales success is NOT particular to what or how you sell—on-line, in-person, by yourself or through a team of salespeople. Whatever and however you sell, the solution to the ongoing challenges sales reps and managers face begins with a new perspective on sales.

The BENEFITS of this new point of view include: 

  • Step-by-step course to reliable sales

  • High-performance results

  • Useful insight for greater productivity

  • Reengage accounts / customer loyalty

  • Nurtured opportunities

  • Connection with more decision-makers

At minimum . . .

You're interested in sales.  You may be a business owner who is solely responsible for sales or, perhaps, you lead a team of professionals who sell.  Whatever your situation, whatever your industry, whatever the size of your company or experience with sales work, sales improvement comes down to just two things:
(1)  the process by which you attempt to convert a potential for sales into actual sales
(2)  your performance – how you apply the skills required in order to support your process.
Of course, there is more to know about high performance sales, but, regardless, the fact remains: the sales you have, and your greater sales potential, are only possible by way of your efforts (performance, what you do) and the steps you take (process) by which to sell.

If you need support with your process and performance, coaching with Steven could get you on the fast-track to the sales success you want. 

The hard truth

Problems in the sales profession are multifaceted and include: lack of knowledge about how to create reliable sales success; deficient sales management; insufficient skills; lack of structure and support; operational imbalance; inconsistent practices.  Add to all of this the fact that sales is a dynamic profession; it continually evolves – from buyer and market trends, new competition, technological advances, applications, etc. 


Sales professionals will continue to struggle—to catch-up and then overcome their long-term difficulties—until a paradigm shift occurs to change the thinking of sales leaders.

You want

repeat business

The steps to high performance sales success


Improve your process

ALL successes—everything we achieve in business and our personal lives—involves a process (actions, steps). If there are problems with your process, you won't get the results that you want.

Improve or discover the steps required for greater results and then support that process.

Don't waste time getting the sales results that you want; coaching with Steven will fast-track your success! 


Learn how to be truly productive

Productivity is the most misunderstood requirement for sales success. Actual productivity is specific to the demands of your sales goal and your process (see first point. 

Productivity is not about activity; it's about results required to advance you to a goal.  

Do you need to be productive? If so, support is available. Contact Steven.


Be able to improve

It's not enough to know what greater success requires; you've got to be able to deliver what's required. This means you've got to know what is and is not working for you, when something needs to change, and having the ability to provide what is required. 

At this point, many sales operation fail to sustain high performance. Having expert sales support can be invaluable for continued success. Consider a coach.

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