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FACES Article by Steven Robert Young

Step Toward Your Best Self

Self-development is one of the most admirable, courageous, and difficult endeavors to undertake. Self-improvement is not only about selfhood—the particularities of an individual—, one's abilities—skills or talent—or interests; self-development is about the quality and maturation of one’s being—one's humanness.

Regardless of what you know about self-development, there are certain areas that should be carefully considered. Therefore, a good starting point toward self-development is to learn what's involved.


Self-development requires confrontation of the (natural) self as it’s expressed through conditioning—socialization, cultural influences, and environmental factors. And there are a few contexts that are essential to assess one’s self with regard to self-development. These include fear, ego, pride, empathy, and selfhood. Development is facilitated over time, with effort, and through awareness, learning, introspection, honesty, courage, acceptance (of certain facts), conviction, questioning personal beliefs, recognition of biases, knowledge, and persistence to improve.

About You

Self-development has relevance to all of us. Some embrace the work to improve and some do not. It's that simple. Whatever your situation, whatever your interest, whatever your motivation, self-improvement is a decision that one can make at virtually any point in their life. Usually, the course is chosen when it is understood to be worthwhile. The course should not be considered as easy, since it requires dedication to self scrutiny, identifying shortcomings, and acceptance of personal truths.  But this is the course to a more rewarding and meaningful life... because, in the end, our development benefits others.

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Next Steps

Regardless of what you know about self-development, there are certain areas that should be considered. A good starting point toward self-development, therefore, may be to learn what's involved.

Your next step, then, may be to consider the messages on this page and read FACES: The 5 Side of Becoming Your Best Self

What You Need to Know

Self-development can be a lifelong pursuit. There is no manual, playbook, or single course for self-development. Certainly, tests of self-development can arise throughout life.


Ultimately, self development is about the declaration of yourself in life, and, therefore, must be based on some philosophical construct, an encompassing foundation. 


With regard to learning, among the topics essential for self-development include:


  • Intentionality

  • Purpose and potential

  • Peace – the cessation of “againstness”

  • Worldview

  • Reconciliation with the material life and mortality

Once you know where you want to focus for your development, there are five areas that can be helpful in making progress:

  1.  Intend (your aim)

  2.  Direct (the steps toward your aim)

  3.  Engage (good practices)

  4.  Assess (confirmation of progress)

  5.  Learn (ability to correct/improve)

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