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After 25 years of growing businesses, I launched my own consultancy. Today, my work includes helping all goal-oriented people (and businesses) improve, achieve, and become what is important to them. My approach is based on IDEAL, the process that offers a new way to  think about productivity and achieving success.

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Steven's Story

Steven Robert Young, President, esm4, Inc. creator of IDEAL, and author of two books and several articles, seemed destined to be a driving force for change in the sales profession.  In 2020, the impact of the pandemic led to a greater vision, one that supports anyone with an “ambitious” goal.

During his fourteen-year tenure with the company, Steven quadrupled sales and was promoted three times. Before the age of thirty, he led Sales & Marketing for a multi-million dollar division of the company.  In 2001, Steven relocated from Los Angeles to New York City, having accepted an "opportunity of a lifetime” from a prestigious event production company. 

In His Words

"My professional life is anomalous, and began at the age of nineteen, when an industry leader took a chance by hiring me for a position that I was entirely unqualified to fill.  I met none of the requirements for the role—a sales job.  The hire made me the youngest salesperson in the history of the company—a top-ranked jobber for a Top 10 Fortune 500 corporation. 

The company provided no formal sales training, which, in retrospect, gave me an advantage: I was virtually on my own to figure out how to sell. This required me to think for myself about what I was doing, and wanted, which was to achieve success and not not disappoint the man who was willing to believe in me.”  


In 2008, inspired by his record-setting sales achievements  (which involved management of some of the most recognizable brands in the world, and included Estee Lauder, Viacom, Intel, Coca-Cola, Walmart, AOL, Ferarri, Chanel, Nestle, Pepsi, P&G, Anheuser-Busch, Calvin Klein, and numerous others), Steven set out to serve more companies through esm4, Inc., his own consultancy.

​A decade later, with experiences from a highly diverse group of clients, Steven introduced IDEAL, a proprietary five-step productivity model (for individuals and businesses), which stands as the culmination of his extraordinary career as a sales and thought leader. 

Today, Steven coaches, writes, and conducts webinars and workshops to help individuals and groups achieve their goals.

SRY At-a-Glance


On partial scholarship, Steven earned his degrees from California State University, Los Angeles. He is a member of three national honors societies.


Steven’s articles are published by the world’s most respected sales and training support organizations. He is also a top-rated trainer for Projacs Academy International. In his free time, Steven composes music in his home recording studio. 


As a thought leader, Steven has developed several concepts, among which are: IDEAL; Modelability; Stage & Position; CLOSE; Peripheral Selling, TASKS; and Productivity cornerstones.

Steven is highly regarded for his skill sets and in-depth knowledge about sales and productivity. His work has helped connect his employers and clients with accounts that include:  Nestle; Estee Lauder; Walmart; Anheuser-Busch; Motorola, P&G; AOL; Revlon; Chanel; Viacom; IMG (Fashion Week); Saks Fifth Avenue; Pepsico; General Mills; Ferrari; Publicis; Intel; G2; Skechers; Guess Inc.; Orly; Coca-Cola, Federated Group; Black & Decker; Forbes; Bed, Bath & Beyond; Calvin Klein; Cande Nast Publications (GQ, Glamour; Vogue); Kiehl’s; Kenneth Cole; Hearst Publications; Frito-Lay; LVMH; Walgreens; Time Inc.; Microsoft, Children’s Hospital, Creative Artist Agency, Fleishman Hillard and other top-ranked agencies, among many others.  ​

  • Top-rated international trainer at Projacs Academy International

  • Creator of I.D.E.A.L., the comprehensive productivity model

  • Author of The Sales Success and Achieve

  • Published by

  • Author of several popular sales articles, published by the world’s largest sales support organizations

  • Multiple record-holding sales titles

  • Managed sales for a multi-million dollar industry leader before age 30

  • Single largest project:  $3MM

  • Accounts managed have included many of the world’s most famous brands--Estee Launder, Intel, Coca-Cola, Motorola, Wal-Mart, Anheuser-Busch, Ferrari, Viacom, Chanel, IMG, and countless others

  • Independently employed and successfully executing contract assignments for companies that represent over two dozen industries, since 2008  

  • Wrote and managed strategic sales campaigns for companies in diverse industries, which increased new client acquisition and provided sales opportunities with more than a dozen Fortune-ranked corporations

  • Trained and mentored numerous salespeople who achieved record-holding sales status

  • Works with clients internationally, in countries that include Japan, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and France

What will you say?

“Working with Steven is exhilarating and a learning experience … [Steve] takes great pride in being able to satisfy the client’s ultimate goal.” 

- Monroe Alechman, Senior Vice President, Estee Lauder Companies

Support for:

  • Goal-oriented people

  • Business owners

  • Coaches and trainers

  • Sales professionals

  • Marketing professionals

  • Health enthusiasts

  • Self-improvement zealots

  • Managers

  • Team leaders


Every effort you've put forth to achieve a success involved IDEAL.

Improve, achieve, and become something greater;
apply IDEAL deliberately and as a process to:

  • Increase sales

How I support Your Success:

  • Articles

  • Video lessons (for Patreon members)

  • Audiocast series

  • Online courses

  • Free consultation call

  • Private coaching

  • Group coaching

  • Hands-on projects

Learn how to:

  • Plan your success (or your business')

  • Safeguard the success of your goal

  • Actually be  productive / Ensure sufficient progress

  • Set-up support standards

  • Sustain motivation and focus

  • Maintain on-track performance

  • Improve and progress toward success

Steven Robert Young

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