The Need for A New Idea

The most trusted resources for insight into the sales profession agree: the sales profession needs solutions for its ongoing challenges.
Year after year, articles and annual reports published by a variety of sales and business resources reflect unresolved challenges for sales professionals - reps and managers. A new model for sales effectiveness is urgently needed.


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The Gestalt Effect

People process their experiences with lightning speed, as they connect "cues” (bits of information), which form an impression that is meaningful. It is this impression to which we respond during interaction with others. The response of a prospective client to a salesperson's effort to connect is based on an immediate impression formed by the cues presented by the salesperson. Master the cues in your outreach messages in order to engage, meet, and win more prospective clients.  If you do not account for the Gestalt Effect, your ability to connect with prospective clients will be unnecessarily difficult.
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