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About Steven


  • Over 25 years of diverse leadership experience in markets from Los Angeles to New York City

  • Master sales certified (by Fortune 500 company)

  • Top-ranked international trainer (Projacs Academy)

  • Clients in over two dozen industries, which include: SaaS, Technology, Event Production, Design+Mfg., Financial Services, consumer products, etc.

  • Published by the world’s largest sales and training support websites

  • Dozens of testimonials


Consulting and coaching (hands-on support) is available to individuals and companies of all sizes, in any industry. Length of service is determined by the client, and may include single sessions, training, or a project (a four-week arrangement dedicated to a subject).


Subjects typically addressed:


  • How to apply the IDEAL model

  • Goal planning and strategy

  • How to create a high-performance sales operation

  • Complete sales management

  • Motivation, skills, and practices

  • Personal development and improved productivity


Service is based on IDEAL, a comprehensive and proprietary productivity model, developed over twelve years of consultative experience and work with businesses that represent more than two dozen industries.


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