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IDEAL is the world's most natural process for our development and success

Intend        Direct         Engage         Assess        Learn

Image by Austin Distel

IDEAL gave me the steps to build a thriving business

Group project help

We use IDEAL to drive the success of our teams.

Office employee

With IDEAL, I became the top sales producer.

Business Deal

IDEAL helps me achieve success with my clients.

Abs Workout

I use IDEAL to stay in peak physical condition.

You have goals!
Now learn how to achieve them!
Apply IDEAL to . . .

promote a healthy mindset

Every day, you express the characteristics of IDEAL.
Learn how to express them as a process
for success with what's important to you. 


Steven Robert Young on Sales
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Female Business Owners
 Build a business 

How Can I Benefit By Applying IDEAL?

You already express the aspects of IDEAL, but not as a process. In order to benefit from this natural process for our development and success, learn how to apply IDEAL deliberately, as a process.  Benefits include:

  • Achieve goals

  • Increase awareness

  • Improve focus and mindfulness

  • Lead a team or client to success

  • Sustain engagement and motivation

  • Live deliberately (not on autopilot!)

  • Enjoy a more rewarding life/business

  • Be productive: progress faster toward what's important to you.

Learn how to apply IDEAL for the success of what is important to you

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