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IDEAL, the most natural process for personal development and the achievement of goals.

Based on five human characteristics means: IDEAL applies to you.

Achieve your most ambitious goal!

Intend        Direct         Engage         Assess        Learn

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IDEAL gave me the steps to build a thriving business

Group project help

We use IDEAL to drive the success of our teams.

Office employee

With IDEAL, I became the top sales producer.

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IDEAL helps me achieve success with my clients.

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I use IDEAL to stay in peak physical condition.

Learn how to apply IDEAL to...

promote a healthy mindset

Every day, you express the characteristics of IDEAL.
Learn how to express them as a process
for success with what's important to you. 

Use IDEAL to


IDEAL is the most natural process for our development and successes.  Learn more.

IDEAL is an acronym for the five characteristics common among all successful goals. What you may not realize is that you naturally express these characteristics!  If, however, you don't apply each one deliberately, and as a process, you cannot make your best effort to improve, achieve, and become what is important to you. 

Learn how to apply IDEAL to your life of business, because IDEAL applies to you!

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The are 5 steps essential for the success of a goal.

If you want to improve, achieve, or become something that's important to you, learn how to apply these 5 steps as a process.

Thinking of Ideas

Define what you want.

Set an actionable goal.

Whatever you wish to improve, achieve, or become, your starting point is to know where you stand today and clarity your goal. Get clear about what you intend for your personal life or business.


Having a specific goal is not sufficient. Your goal must be actionable, so that you can plan appropriately for your success.


Set an actionable goal by covering the four bases of goal setting: What; How; Why, and Why-not (how you could fail. If you do not know how you could fail, then you cannot fully prepare to succeed).

Get support setting an actionable goal. Take the Achieve course, or schedule a consultation with Steven.   

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Chart your course to success.

Know your complete process.

Are you on the course that will yield your success? How do you know?  Most people overlook steps in their actual course to success. Make your best effort to succeed, plan completely



Having a goal does not mean that you know how to achieve its success. If you misjudge your start point or what success will require from you, your efforts to succeed could fail you.


Plan completely by thinking through the primary steps of your goal. Next, think through all of the activities that support your ability to be productive with your primary steps.  Here, you'll address everything related to support activities, which could involve motivational issues, various types of preparation, development of knowledge, having resources, materials, time, inventory (depending on the goal), etc.

Are you sure about what your goal needs and how to support its success?  If not, consider a consultation session with Steven.

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Define productivity.

Deliver what your goal requires.

Productivity is the most misunderstood requirement for success. Productivity is not about busyness; it's about results that that lead to success.  Know what productivity means relative to your goal.


Productivity is goal-specific. If your actions fail to be productive, your goal will be in jeopardy of failure.


Know what your goal requires of you and be able to deliver on those requirements. Have or develop the knowledge and skills essential to your success plan and efforts. Think through the RAS considerations (requirements, agents [things other than requirements upon which success depends], and safeguards) for your success. Also, use productivity strategies that aid motivation and focus..

Your ability to be productive is the key to your success. Learn how to actually be productive.  Consider TASKS , take the Achieve course, or schedule a consultation with Steven.   

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Confirm your progress.
Know what is and is not working for you

Are you sure that your plan for success and efforts to be productive are working for you? Don't guess when you can have answers about your progress: keep records.


Having useful information about your efforts will allow you to know if you are or are not being productive. Without confirmation of, and details about, your efforts, you can only guess if and where any improvements may be needed, which leaves your ability to improve (and success) up to chance.


Know what information is essential in order for you to gain insights about your plan, efforts, and support measures. Then, have a means by which to record and organize the various types of information that is important to you.

Support your success with a plan, proper and complete preparation, and guidance. Learn how coaching from Steven could be useful. Schedule a free consultation.   

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Have options.
Be willing to discover and change.

If you are off-track in any respect related to your aim, you must be able to know where change may be needed. The Learn step makes IDEAL a cyclical process, and empowers you to improve and build on your successes. Therefore, you must be able and willing to learn from your experiences.  


Often, plans and efforts to improve, achieve, or become what we will require revision.  If you are unable or unwilling to discover how to improve, you constrict your natural ability to progress and succeed.


Ensure your ability to learn by having information about your efforts and their results readily available to review. Then, identify key insights and make decisions about appropriate next steps. 

Since there may be alternative perspectives on how to respond to, or apply solutions from, what you learn, it may be important to consider another point of view. When you're ready, Steven is here to support your success. A course or consultation  may be helpful.   

Think IDEAL is an audiocast series dedicated to people who care about being productive. In episode 3, IDEAL is examined for its use as a process, model, or lifestyle! Enjoy, and share with a friend!

The steps you take make success possible

We ALL want to improve, achieve, or become something in our lives or for our businesses. So, our being actually productive is important. Where do you need to be productive?

  • Achieving an ambitious goal

  • Growing sales for a business

  • Becoming your best self 

  • Improving your health and well-being

  • Leading a team or client to success

A new series for productive people

About the process

We all have aspirations. When we decide to pursue an aspiration, it become a goal. The challenge we then encounter is knowing how to succeed.   There is a difference between having a goal and knowing how to achieve its success.   Since success matters to you, the first thing to understand is what success requires of you. And that answer will involve certain steps—a process.  It is impossible to improve, achieve, or become what is important to you without a process. Everything we do—all action—has some effect.

 Being effective in the "right steps" will empower you to be productive, which will allow you to advance toward your success.
There is a new, more useful way to understand productivity, and to prepare for the success of what is important to you—in your life or for your business. Take a minute to learn about IDEAL.   IDEAL is an acronym for a process developed over 25 years of work with individuals and businesses to achieve goals, and is
a potential life-changer that is worth your time to discover. 

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IDEAL—for Everyone

IDEAL is an easy to understand productivity model that helps individuals and businesses plan, prepare, and assess progress toward their ambitious goals.

Learn more and receive free support: subscribe to The List.

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 Discover IDEAL

 The new approach to personal and professional   productivity and success

Learn how to apply IDEAL to: ​

  • Achieve your  goals 

  • Build sales for a business

  • Develop yourself

  • Lead a team

  • Improve productivity

  • Manage a business

  • Improve your health

  • Develop / become your best self

  • Improve relationships

  • Coach or manage others

  • Increase productivity

  • Live deliberately

  • Become more aware

  • . . . and much more!

Don’t live on autopilot! 

Stay active in telling the story of your life or your business.

Sometimes, we get caught up in routines, lose focus, and stop creating, building, and becoming.

Occasionally, we need to be reminded that we have aspirations, beliefs, desires, and time. So,
what do you want to realize in your life or for your business?

Learn more: schedule a free consultation with Steven. Do it for yourself or for your business!

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What's Special About IDEAL?

IDEAL is the world's most natural process for our development and the achievement of what's important to us—in our personal lives and for our businesses.

Every day, you express one or more of the five aspects of IDEAL. Learn how to apply IDEAL as a process to be improve, achieve, or become what is important to you.  

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It's about the success of what's important to you

Learn a new way to  improve, achieve, and become what is important to you—in your life or for your business. 

IDEAL is an acronym for the most natural process for our development and the achievements of our personal and business goals.

 IDEAL is easy to understand but requires learning to master. Get support from Steven

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IDEAL is a complete model for productivity. Apply IDEAL to plan and manage progress toward your ambitious goals!