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Based on five human characteristics,

IDEAL is  a new model to empower people and businesses toward their potential. 

Use IDEAL to


IDEAL, the most natural process for personal and

professional development and success. 


Create the

you want

The are 5 things that all successful goals have in common.

If you want to improve, achieve, or become something that's important to you, know these 5 things...

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Thinking of Ideas

Success is intentional.
Your course must be actionable

What is IDEAL?

IDEAL is an easy-to-understand productivity model, based on five steps. IDEAL helps individuals and businesses plan and advance toward the success of their most ambitious goals.

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IDEAL  is an acronym for the five things common among all successful goals.  What you may not realize is that you already practice these five things!  If, however, you don't apply each one deliberately, and as a process, you cannot make your best effort to improve, achieve, and become what is important to you. 

Learn how to apply IDEAL to your life of business, because IDEAL applies to you!


Don’t live on autopilot! 

Stay active in telling the story of your life or your business.

Sometimes, we get caught up in routines, lose focus, and stop creating, building, and becoming.

I'm here to remind you:  you have aspirations, beliefs, desires, and time (you're still here!). I'll help you achieve your goals. What do you want to realize in your life or business?

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What's Special About IDEAL?

IDEAL is the most natural process for our development and the achievement of the success we want in our lives and businesses.

Every day, you express one or more of the five aspects of IDEAL. Learn how to apply IDEAL as a process to be more successful in business and your personal life.  

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How Can I Benefit By Applying IDEAL?

You already express each aspect of IDEAL. In order to benefit from this natural process for our development and success, you must be aware of the aspects and apply them as a process.  That's it!

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 Discover IDEAL

 The new approach to personal and professional   productivity and success

Learn how to apply IDEAL to: ​

  • Achieve your  goals 

  • Build sales for a business

  • Develop yourself

  • Lead a team

  • Improve productivity

  • Manage a business

  • Improve your health

  • Develop and be your best self

  • Improve relationships

  • Coach or manage others

  • Increase productivity

  • Live deliberately

  • Become more aware

  • . . . and much more!


Benefit by applying IDEAL to your life or business!
Learn how through resources from Steven Robert Young

IDEAL is a complete productivity model. Apply IDEAL to plan and manage progress toward your most ambitious goals!

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Audiocast series

The audio series for "all productive people" addresses topics about productivity, goals, sales and business, and self-development.

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Courses & Coaching

Put IDEAL to work in your life and business with lessons and deep-dive courses.  Private coaching is available to all.

Coming soon!

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Membership & Community

We all express the characteristics of IDEAL. Share and learn with others.  Enjoy member-only benefits!

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INTEND:  Step 1 of 5

We're not aimless; we act with intention.  Most of us believe that we know what we want.  The issue here is not clarity about what we intend, but, rather, clarity about the requirements to achieve what we intend, be it a personal or professional goal.  Being clear about what we intend involves knowing what resources are essential for our success, how we could fail, and accurate awareness about our starting point – where we stand today.  Are you clear about how you'll succeed in your endeavors?



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Enjoy Select Media Clips

Excerpts from the IDEAL Audiocast series by Steven Robert Young


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