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Life gives you the process by which to reach your personal and professional potential. Use it.

Consider how you express these five human characteristics:


Think about it: we are not mindless; we are thoughtful and deliberate.  We pursue, seek to know, desire, and strive to achieve. That is, we intend. 


We are not aimless with our intention; we make decisions in order to direct our lives.


We are not inactive; we engage life every day. Our actions are purposeful; they reflect our intention and having made decisions for a course toward something we’ve intended.


And since we care about the effects of our actions, we, naturally, assess. We assess situation, others, and ourselves.  


Through this process—intend, direct, engage, assess—we learn. We learn in order to make sense of our experiences, survive, and satisfy our intentions, among other things. 

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Ron Dahlin


IDEAL is the most logical way to build a business, regardless of industry and market...

Jessica Wu

Sales Manager

IDEAL is the model we use to consistently improve sales.  It is the easiest model for learning how to improve because it's so natural.

Stefani Roberts

Product Manager

I use IDEAL for my personal and professional goals. It works because it's the natural process for achieving your potential and being your best self.

Daniel Reed

Marketing Consultant

If you're not using IDEAL, you are not aligned with what actually works to improve your business...and your life! 


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