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This potentially life-changing course teaches you how to plan, prepare, and ensure the success of your personal or business goal.

For a limited time this course is available for FREE.
30 minutes

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Power Courses

The knowledge you need now
for what you want to achieve.

Learn a more effective way to succeed with what is important to you—in your life or for your business. 


A power course guarantees three things: (1) no filler content; only valuable, need-to-know subject information; (2) the fastest delivery of essential knowledge (about 30 minutes) that includes step-by-step direction; (3) a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, unless the course is freely provided.

The power course concept was inspired by people who don't want to wait for the information they want. Power courses are information-packed, fast-paced, and interactive. Each course includes instructions called "Action Items."

Given the intensity of power courses, attendees are advised to takes notes and write down all questions, and get answers during a FREE phone session with Steven.

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At the completion of this course, you will:

  • have a complete plan for the success of your goal

  • learn how to avoid failure of your goal

  • know how to sustain motivation

  • learn how to actually be productive

  • know the five steps required for continual improvement and success

For a limited time this course is available for FREE.
Just 30 minutes

Created especially for you!

  • Business owners

  • Sales & Marketing pros

  • Self-improvement zealots

  • Managers & Team leaders

  • Health & fitness enthusiasts

  • Trainers / Consultants / Coaches

  • Goal-oriented people!

For a limited time this course is available for FREE.
30 minutes

About Steven

Your course instructor is an innovator, author, and the creator of the IDEAL process, a five-step approach to greater productivity for what is important to those who want to improve, achieve, or become something important—in their lives or for their businesses.

Steven is a consultant who works with individuals and businesses. His articles are published by global industry leaders and award-winning magazines, such as Training Industry. He is also a top-rated trainer (contracted) for an international training academy, and the host of a NEW audiocast series, Think IDEAL, a show dedicated to topics related to productivity.

Numerous testimonials and more information about Steven is available here

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