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Steve, your contributions have repeatedly had me thinking "yes, this guy really gets it!"  There are many (many) people out there/here that offer themselves up as sales consultants which, sadly, often means that they cannot actually sell. The skills and expertise of those frequently found on this group are of substantially higher quality and greater value to those looking for shared wisdom.”


Michael Fox, CEO,Tribal Knowledge TV




“Steve has combined the study and disciplines of a number of fields and focused their application on business development.  He has mastered deciphering vague notions that interfere with sales performance and producing results.  In all my years of seeing professionals in a myriad of fields, he stands out as being among the more brilliant.


Vito Pandolfo, Principal, Lead Smarter Associates




“Working with Steven is exhilarating and a learning experience.  He is an expert who thrives on challenges and providing problem-solving solutions with choices and recommendations that make his client’s role in the process easier.  Steve asks questions and makes decisions that deal with realities, and takes great pride in being able to satisfy the client’s ultimate goal.  He desires to be well informed about every job he undertakes, and methodically keeps notes and maintains information to keep the client on track. Steve is always reachable for input and responses to questions.


Monroe Alechman, Senior Vice President, Estee Lauder Companies / Origins




“I’ve known Steve for over 17 years.  There are few people that I know who are as driven and focused. Steve has been inspiring over the years with his strategic capabilities, understanding of sales, and creative problem solving.  He has been an invaluable asset to the group of our companies through the past few years.  Steve relocated to New York to open our East Coast office.  His work helped secure key accounts that include Intel, Viacom (MTV), IMG (for Fashion Week), The Hearst Corporation, Kenneth Cole…  Steve is an absolute pleasure to work with.  He would be an asset to any company in this industry.  I would highly recommend him.


Armen Gharabegian, CEO, Ethos Design / L22




“Steve, I’ve been through several trainings, ranging from corporate events, organizational behavior classes, to global sales training/seminars.  I’ve always taken these training very seriously, with the hope I can use these tools to make my job functions easier, and in this case to generate more sales, and become a top producer.  The training you provided was extremely in-depth…. this was extremely important as I came from the corporate world, and needed this training to make the proper transition to LMR in the field.  The key factor in your training is that you actually cared if your message was coming across.  As I told [company management], ‘Steve did a great job preparing us.’ Thanks for the training.”


Shawn La Munyon, Regional Sales Manager of a national marketing solutions company 




“Steve’s training on phone work is unlike anything I’ve experienced from a sales training course.  He definitely takes training to a higher level, which, for me, provided the concepts and techniques that allow me to reach and intrigue decision-makers.  I became more intimately aware of the psychology of sales. Steve’s training would be of value to any sales organization that uses the phone as a necessary part of its sales process.”


Jason Kelly, SW Regional Sales Manager, AFS




“Steve is one of those rare individuals that I find takes his sales practices as seriously as I take my own. He is the consummate professional. I regard his abilities so highly that I welcome his suggestions, corrections and direction for my own work. Steve is a peer that I seek advice from; I trust his instincts. He is dedicated to his craft and to the lifelong pursuit of building relationships. I would recommend both Steve and his services very strongly for anyone who is looking to improve their sales and their success rate.


Rebecca Coons, Executive Vice President, Ethos




“Steve, I was thoroughly impressed with your style and technique.  I have been through many types of sales training in the past, but nothing quite like that. Truly unique!  The training you gave me was top-notch and I am sure I will be able to apply it to any sales position that I undertake.”


Alex Savage, Regional Sales Manager




“Steve, this is great!  I like every one of your suggestions and am eager to put your plan into action… I like the way you think! 


Stephen Leo, President, An ‘America’s Top 50’ award-winning design and manufacturing firm




“Steven has enabled PAF, Inc. to maintain a superior presence in our industry.”


Randal Malchow, President, The Poma Companies




“Steve, I have implemented many of your sales solutions when training my staff and have seen a great difference in productivity and attitude. Keep up the great work and continue thinking "outside of the box."


LD. George, Vice President, DNA




“Steve, you’re doing a great job and the sales seem to be reflecting that…  It is actually very interesting for me to watch how you manage the team, what obstacles arise and how you deal with them.  I am learning a lot!


H Mitchell, Executive Assistant, ASG




“[Steve offers] sales training that is more comprehensive and more practical than a Xerox sales training course.


Edward Lopez, Xerox, salesperson




“Before training with Steve, I felt really lost. Selling was very daunting to me. After training, it was like a complete 180. I feel so much better.  Steve’s sales steps approach is so helpful, and made me enjoy sales much more.


NK, junior salesperson




“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steve as a member of the Retail Recruitment team. He’s extremely passionate about building business, rapport, and sales structure. Steve is exceptionally professional and is able to handle the demands of multiple projects. He is considered vital to our team and is very creative with the development of business approaches.  Working with Steve has been a pleasure and a great learning experience.”


Andrew Cucinotta, Director, Local Retailer ISO Partnerships, Affinity Solutions



“I would like to think that I was much more prepared and better on the phone prior to your program, but I was not focused nor prepared with strong LPs. I was willing to just send information to prospects. Now, I believe, 100%, that developing strong, personalized LPs for prospective clients is the main reason for my achieving success.  As you saw, my CB time decreased and the number of IMs increased!  Thank you for your training!


Tim Schneider, Account Executive




“Steve, I thought your training was great, very enlightening!... I wish I had been through your training before the presentation that I had this morning.  I'd be interested in learning more of your thoughts on AACs.  I particularly enjoyed your presentations on Stage and Position, and really do see opportunity to apply both to even areas of everyday C to B sales.  I must say you've left me intrigued!”


Johnny Harrell, Studio D




“Steve, your training was very practical, real world. You provided digestible information that will lead us to effective client acquisitions and successful [client] relationships forged.   Breaking the information down into identifiable doable parts and getting the teams aligned with the work, and accountable with our expectations with the sales processes, is exciting.  I think you present yourself fabulously and the team was impressed!  Wish we had you onboard years ago!” 


Johanna Meise, Principal, Studio D, New York




“Steve, everything from your training was great! It was amazing to see the processes outlined and clearly defined.  I will definitely be using your system!  Thanks!”

Geffrey Yabes, sales representative




“Steve Young came highly recommended to us as a potential partner for our Saudi Arabia-based training company.  Steve, and his company, extended an excellent effort to perform the job we assigned to him.  He was very accommodating and made the outsource process very easy.  Our first assignment for Steve was a week-long management / leadership instruction course in New York for our client's employees.  Steve's training was evaluated by each attendee of his course, all of whom were asked to rate Steve in various categories presented by a questionnaire we provided them.  Steve consistently received top ratings of ‘Above Average’ and ‘Excellent.’  We are pleased to highly recommend Steve and his company as a training resource, and as a reliable partner.


Yousef Shaban Al-Halwani, Vice President Training Operations, PROJACS International




“Steve, before your training, I wasn't sure how I was going to achieve the success I wanted.  I gotta say, I feel quite confident now.  Thanks again.”


Jacob Chandler, Founder, MyBeegle

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