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The 5 sides of becoming your best self

Learn what self-improvement actually requires and why

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Accept the Facts


Actuality, something true, objectively knowable



Accept what you believe are the truths about yourself and

your life—who you are and where you are in your life, as of today—, and do so objectively, without judgment. The point here is NOT to evaluate or condemn what you see, but, rather, to get comfortable with being honest about what you see. And such honesty must include your willingness to be introspective, look at yourself.

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Settle Alarm

Alarm (worry and fears)

Fear, anxiety, stress; a distressing suspense, apprehension, or dread.


Learn to identify and resolve irrational concerns, and find peace with the realities of your life.  Ultimately, self-development occurs in situations and circumstances of our lives.  And, so, it is here that we must work, not escape.

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Answer Conviction

Conviction (beliefs and aspirations)

A sense of certainty that compels judgment: a strong belief


Learn how to listen to yourself, respect your intuition, identify your rationalizations, and accept responsibility for your beliefs, assumptions, and judgments.  A conviction—to or not to do something—only has merit in being a conviction. That is, a conviction deserves your attention and respect, but does not necessarily mean the conviction warrants precedence over consideration of other options, possibilities, and choices.

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The psychological identification with or vicarious experiencing of the emotions, thoughts, or attitudes of another


Learn to respect differences among people, regard the human plight and recognition of the human condition, and advance beyond self-contentedness.  

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Define Selfhood


The state of being an individual; the realm of the self. The interest in, and regard for, the self


Learn to recognize self-protective thinking, defensive reactions, your pride, and selfishness.

Ultimately, self development is about the declaration of yourself in life, and, therefore, must be based on some philosophical construct, an encompassing foundation.  The ideas and practices for interpretation of life and issues with living must be unified by a “So what,” some sort of common thread. Certainly, the preceding aspects of FACED involve concepts, perspectives that could stem from a philosophical paradigm, but are not required to do so. Selfhood, on the other hand, requires such a paradigm at its basis.


The issues at hand in Selfhood include: 


  • Intentionality

  • Purpose and potential

  • Peace – the cessation of “againstness”

  • Worldview

  • Reconciliation with the material life and mortality


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