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Achieve your ambitious goals with IDEAL

Improve, achieve, or become what is important to you—in your personal life or for your business

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The course to success

IDEAL is an acronym for a process  developed over 25 years of work with individuals and businesses. This potential life-changer is worth your time to learn about and apply — in your life or business. 

Apply IDEAL, because IDEAL applies to you.  Based on 5 human characteristics, IDEAL is the most natural process by which to improve, achieve, or become what is important to you.

Learn about the five steps of IDEAL, and discover a more useful way to understand productivity and how to prepare for the success that you want — in your personal life or for your business

IDEAL applies to you! 

Why Goals Matter

  • Improve, achieve, or become what is important to you

  • Reduce living on autopilot

  • Live and work more meaningfully

  • Avoid wasted time and regret

  • Develop yourself (or your business)

  • Reach your potential (or your team's)

The starting point for any pursuit of success is to know what success requires of you. Here, you have two considerations: the course from where you are to the success of you goal; and your ability to deliver what is required by your course.  Both of these—your course and ability—stem from what you know.  If what you know about the demands for your success are inaccurate, your effort to achieve progress may yield disappointing results.

There is a difference between having a goal and knowing how to ensure its success. Since your goal matter to you, consider getting some coaching support from Steven

What does success require for you

Many people fail to reach their goals for this simple fact: there's a difference between having a goal and knowing how to achieve the success of a goal.   Ensure your success; learn how to achieve your ambitious goal.


The checklist:

  • Know what your success requires

  • Prepare for your Why-not 

  • Set an actionable goal

  • Know how to safeguard productivity

  • Create and support your plan

  • Know how to ensure your progress

  • Learn how to sustain motivation

  • Be able to guarantee your ability to improve and truly advance toward your potential

Learn how to apply and benefit from the most natural process for improvement and success.


“To sit back and let fate play its hand out and never influence it is not the way man was meant to operate.”


― John Glenn


“Setting goals is the first step towards turning the invisible into the visible.”

― Tony Robbins


“Our goals can only be reached through...a plan, in which we must fervently believe and...act. There is no other route to success.”

― Pablo Picasso

The process for your (greater) success

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We are not mindless; we act with intention. Every day, each of us expresses intention—to create, build, avoid, discover, etc. In order to reach a goal, we must be committed to something that we intend. To intend is a natural attribute of being human, but, when planning your success, what you intend must be actionable. Set and actionable goal by covering the four bases of goal-setting: What; How; Why; and Why-not (which addresses how you could fail. If you do not know how you could fail, then you cannot be fully prepared to succeed).

If you need support, learn about coaching from Steven.  Or consider "Achieve," the Power Course, which will help equip you for success! 

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We are not aimless; we direct our lives. We make decisions about the course we’ll follow toward what we intend. It is important to note: we make choices for your lives (“direct”) regardless of whether or not we pursue goals.  To direct (make choices) is a natural attribute of being human.  

Once you're clear on what success requires, concern yourself with your ability to meet those requirements.

A Prep Checklist is useful, and should be completed prior to making any attempt to progress toward your goal.


Don't fail to achieve your goal by being unprepared. Work with a coach can help you plan, prepare, sustain motivation, and improve your chance for success. 

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Engage (Act)

We consciously act to bring about the benefits from what we intend, from the courses that we have chosen. Whatever the "how" and "why" answers for your pursuit of success, your ability to succeed depends on specific results from your actions.  To engage—for whatever intent—is a natural attribute of being human.  

Goals fail for several reasons. Having the ability to improve, as necessary, in order to adapt to the actual course to your success is essential, and is fundamental to smart practices that ensure success. In order to improve, we must first understand the relationship between where we are and our choices and actions.

Expert support can help you plan your succeed AND prepare not to fail, which are two distinct aspects of goal-planning.




How we direct our lives begins with our assessments and decisions about situations, others, ourselves, and what we want to achieve.  Whether formally or casually, consciously or not, we constantly assess, because we want to know what’s happening around us. To assess is a natural attribute of being human, and the fourth aspect of the IDEAL process.  

The message that you want from your assessments is that your course to success is valid, and that your actions have achieved sufficient progress toward your success. You want details about what is and is not working in your plan and efforts to be productive.  Assessments will vary according to the needs of a plan. As appropriate, look for trends, red flags, and unexpected spikes. Identify areas of weakness and strength.

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Learn (Improve)

Throughout life, we learn. We don't always choose what to learn, but we choose how to apply what we know and believe. Learning and application of learning, however, are not the same, and cannot, of themselves, guarantee the success of any goal. Nonetheless, we, throughout our lives, for better or worse, learn.  To learn is a natural attribute of being human.  

Ultimately, productivity achieves goals, and may require you to progress in certain ways. Progress is the key to improved performance and the achievement of your greater potential.  Personally and professionally, progress—in knowledge, ability, aims, etc.—ensures value from an endeavor.  Strive to learn, and apply lessons learned in order to increases your ability to achieve what is important to you.

Support the success of your goal. Get guidance on how to apply IDEAL to whatever you want to improve, achieve, or becomein your personal life of for your business.

Get support

Get complete support for the success of what is important to you. Schedule a free consultation —to get answers to your questions and learn about IDEAL.


Affordable, value-packed courses. Get hours of training on goals, sales, and productivity compacted into 30-minute courses (avg.). All courses include a satisfaction guarantee.


Get personalized support with what's important to you—your personal goals, business, productivity, or self-improvement. Get answers, advice, and step-by-step guidance! Get started - FREE


Get answers to all of your questions about how to improve, achieve, or become what is important to you — in your life or for your business.
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