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Gestalt Effect

The ability of people to rapidly form impressions about situations and each other is the gestalt effect at work. We make almost reflexive judgements about many of our experiences just by reading and connecting bits of information called "cues."  
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An acronym for the five aspects of being productive in your day or with a project: Time; Aim; Strategy; Knowledge; Support.

Productivity Cornerstones (aka The 4 Ps)

The four essential aspects of productivity: Plan; Prepare; Pursue; Progress.

Optimize Productivity

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4 Ps Article by Steven Robert Young



An acronym for the five human characteristics that form the most natural process for the success of goals: Intend; Direct; Engage; Assess; Learn.

Why Not

One's Why Not represents the potential causes of failure in the pursuit of a goal. This counterintuitive approach to success is based on the idea that it is impossible to be fully prepared to succeed without also being prepared not to fail, which requires consideration of possible pitfalls to success.

Achieve Your Goals

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IDEAL Article by Steven Robert Young




An acronym for five dimensions essential for personal growth: Facts; Alarms; Convictions; Empathy, and Selfhood. 

Foundational Concept

A Foundational Concept, often described as a guiding principle, worldview or life philosophy, is the transformative influence of one's governing perspective, values, and beliefs. 

Become Your Best

Embarking on the journey to become our best selves can be challenging, especially when the course is unclear. FACES: The 5 Sides of Becoming Your Best Self is an invaluable resource for those committed to self-improvement. Join the Achievers community today and gain instant access to 'FACES' as a free PDF download. Accelerate your personal development—get your copy of 'FACES' today!"

FACES Article by Steven Robert Young



The primary purpose of a sales operation: the point at which reliable success in sales has been achieved with optimal profitably.  At such a point, a company's sales operation is modelable.


An essential aspect of a sales strategy; the intersection of the phases of a buyer's interest (to buy) and the stages that convert a prospect into a buyer.  

Sales Cornerstones

The cornerstones of sales are: Strategy (which centers on The Sales Line and Cross-Through); Process (the steps for converting sales potential into actual sales); Structure (support of the strategy and process); and Management (the work to ensure productivity according to the needs and requirements of the strategy and process)

Improve Your Sales

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Improve: do something differently.

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