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About the Music

One of the greatest challenges in producing The Sound of Art was committing my compositions to a specific musical expression.  With Alternative, the music suited the identity of the band—rock.  This collection resists definitive or constancy of identity.  Some pieces remained title-less as a way to preserve this resistance and remember the compositions’ origin, as free in their expressions, as we are free to express ourselves in the variety of ways that we do so.  The Sound of Art is the first of several collections.

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SRYi Music

My formal interest in music began with the violin at age ten.  I started playing the guitar at the age of twelve with the sole intent of someday being able to write my own music.  Seven years later, I was the lead guitarist and songwriter for Alternative, a Los Angeles-based jazz-rock band.  Decades have since passed.  SOA (The Sound of Art) is the first formal recording of my music since those early years of Alternative and Canyon Crest Records. 

SRYi Music: The Collections

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