Your best effort to succeed requires a plan



Explain your course to success as a process



Prove the validity of your plan and efforts



Always know where you stand in your progress



The inexcusable failure is to disregard learning


Engage = to occupy the attention or efforts of: to perform a particular action; pledge oneself to achieve something with dedicated attention

 Step 4  

Step 3: Engage

Speak in Action

Preparation (to succeed in an endeavor) is not an emotion; it’s being equipped to execute a plan.


Once prepared, you’re ready to pursue success.

  • Prepare (by Prep Checklist)

  • Orient and anchor

  • Safeguard productivity and opposition

  • Apply productivity blocks

  • Discover (through action)

  • Document progress

To create, achieve, and succeed begins with a choice but ends with an action. Engage life intentionally to become your best self and achieve your greatest successes.

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Do your actions lead you to what you say you want?

Action is a means by which you confirm what you know or reveal what you need to know in order to gain progress toward your aim. Do your actions conflict with or support what you say you want?

The greatest benefit from action is not always the intended result. Sometimes, the benefit from action is in the unexpected opportunities to learn.

We want to live well, but what does that mean? What we know for certain is this: we must engage.  

Without dedicated effort to achieve an aim, you lose valuable opportunities to discover how to improve— yourself and your ability to achieve your goals.


If you want to achieve your potential, learn how to develop yourself. The person you are should be your greatest achievement.

Learn the four cornerstones of productivity and new strategies to support the success of your personal and professional goals, self improvement, and living meaningfully.

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