Your best effort to succeed requires a plan



Explain your course to success as a process



Prove the validity of your plan



Know where you stand



The inexcusable failure is not learning from effort

Direct = to order or arrange and supervise (something); to determine a course or procedure for; to guide and manage (something)

Direct: Choose Your Course

If you aren’t aware of how you could fail, you cannot make your best effort to succeed.


Plan, and cover all of the bases required to be productive.

  • Bridge the gap (plan)

  • Select key practices

  • Establish your process

  • Select tools to measure progress

  • Use an ARMED schedule

  • Create your Prep Checklist

Choose your course—step-by-step—to becoming and achieving in life. Succeed personally and professionally – by design.  

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Don’t just set goals; plan your success.



Your decisions are the steppingstones to progress. The question is: what are you progressing toward?


Whatever your goal—weight loss, sales for a business, launching a blog, professional advancement, skill mastery, etc.—, your decisions make your success possible. So, improve your decision-making process.

We want to meet our potential, but what does that mean? What we know for certain is this: we must direct. 

Without thoughtful decisions about the and “why” for your ambition and course—to build, create, develop, and achieve—, you are far more likely to lose focus, stagnate, and fail to succeed.

If you are serious about your endeavors, know your "why," and your "why-not," and make decisions that safeguard your success. 


Learn the  natural process  for self improvement and the achievement of your personal and professional goals.

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