Your best effort to succeed requires a plan



Explain your course to success as a process



Prove the validity of your plan and efforts



Always know where you stand in your progress



The inexcusable failure is to disregard learning


Intend = to plan or want something; to have in mind as a purpose or goal – something to achieve.

What will you do with your potential to achieve?


You have tremendous resources, potential, and a world of possibility in which to achieve your goals—personal and professional. What do you want to achieve? Your answer is what you would intend.  

Every day, each of us expresses intention—to create, build, avoid, achieve, etc.  Although some of our intentions remain dormant as curiosities, hopes, and dreams, in order to reach a goal we must be committed to something that we intend.

We want to be our best selves, but what does that mean? What we know for certain is this:  we must intend.

Without intention for the direction you’ve chosen for your life, you give up your potential to create a life to happenstance.

Do you want to lead your life? If so, be clear about and committed to what you intend to achieve.

Step 1: Intend

Define Your Goal

Intend is your first step to greater success, and becoming the best you. 


Know what's involved.

  • Clarify: goal or vision

  • Make productivity specific

  • Identify your cornerstones

  • Know your Why and Why-Not

  • Think: RAS considerations

  • Establish your MPS

  • Make your goal R.E.A.L.

In order to achieve meaningful progress toward your goal, be clear about what you intend.

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GOALS - 7a.png