Your best effort to succeed requires a plan



Explain your course to success as a process



Prove the validity of your plan



Know where you stand



The inexcusable failure is failure to learn


Learn = to acquire awareness or knowledge of or skill in (something) through experience, study, or instruction; to become capable

Always succeed: never fail to learn

Failure to attain a goal may be excusable, but failure to learn anything from efforts made is inexcusable. If it is possible to ensure at least one success, make it this: avoid failure to learn.


Failure can help you learn about yourself and understand how to improve your goal, plan, preparation, and/or your efforts.


Your actions help you build the life that you say you want. So, continually improve: learn.

We want to achieve, but what does that mean? What we know for certain is this: we must learn. 


Without discovery—from experience, inquiry, research, etc.—you remain confined by limited knowledge that may become irrelevant, useless, and hinder your ability to achieve.


Do you want to achieve meaningful success? If so, ensure your ability to learn, and become a better learner.

Learn: Progress to Potential

As you learn, you’re able to reevaluate and revise your plan, how you’ve prepared, and your approach (actions) to be productive.


If you fail or restrict your ability to learn, you limit your potential to achieve.

  • Core research and study

  • TIDE: Think, Inquire, Decide, Execute (revise your IDEAL plan, adapt, etc.)

  • Repeat the cycle

Throughout life, we learn. We don't always choose what to learn, but we choose how to use what we know. Resist the trap of complacency and pride in your knowledge. Always develop yourself: learn.

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It is impossible to succeed without being productive. 


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