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IDEAL is the world's most natural process for our development and success

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Every day, you express the characteristics of IDEAL.
Learn how to express them as a process
for success with what's important to you. 

Learn how to apply IDEAL to...

promote a healthy mindset


Apply IDEAL to build sales for a business

One of the biggest challenges for business owners, sales managers, and salespeople interested in greater sales success is the lack of clarity about what—exactly—to improve. This is why the sales profession became "just a numbers game," about relentless activity by “hunters” instead of a methodological discipline. The lack of knowledge about how sales occur as a process accounts for the ongoing, year after year, abysmal statistics in the sales profession. As a consultant, my work helped clients achieve their greatest sales accomplishments. And it was through that work that IDEAL emerged. The first step toward sales improvement is to decide where—in what aspect of the process—sales improvement is needed. That process must be supported by a workflow and the skills of those who sell. Since sales is not some numbers game, but, rather, about the knowledge and competencies to drive a potential for sales to actual sales, IDEAL is how any company reaches its sales potential. Learn more about IDEAL for sales on the Sales page (under Support in the header), and how to apply IDEAL to your specific needs, goal, and situation. Also, consider a free consultation or the Achieve Power Course as your next steps toward greater sales success!

Apply IDEAL for success

It's impossible to succeed without having defined "success." This rather axiomatic point underscores the first step toward success: know what success requires. While IDEAL can give you the steps for success, how you take those steps will, largely, determine your success. IDEAL is only as effective as your ability to address each step. For this reason, the Achieve Power Course is necessary. It will give you the need-to-know knowledge for each step of IDEAL. The best support for your success, however, will be that which is specific to you—to what you want to achieve, which is why you may opt for personalized consultation. Learn just how beneficial personalize support can be. Schedule your free consultation today, from the Contact page of my website. Learn just how IDEAL can help you achieve the success that you want.

Apply IDEAL to develop yourself

Among our greatest accomplishments in life are those that promote self-development. Self-development is a broad area related to many areas of life. Whatever you're interested and however you decide to develop yourself, your progress will involve each aspect of IDEAL. That is, your ability to identify what "development" means, the steps (course) toward development, the quality of actions that will yield progress toward development, and how to assess and, as necessary, improve developmental efforts is vitally important. Consider some of the essential subjects related to self-development on the Self-Development page of this website (under Support, in the header). Additional support is available with the Achieve Power Course and personalized consultation. Schedule a free session and learn how IDEAL can lead your development.

Apply IDEAL to achieve your most ambitious goal

IDEAL is an acronym for the most natural process for our development and the achievement of what we want to improve, achieve, or become – in our personal lives or for our businesses. However, this is not enough all there is to know. Just as knowing the rules for a sport doesn't make you a professional athlete, neither does having a goal mean you're able to achieve it success. The key to success is not merely knowing the steps to success, but, also, knowing how you must apply those steps. This requires you to know your subject, and how to achieve goals. Successful goals have this in common: productivity. If you cannot be productive, you cannot achieve your goal. Productivity is the most misunderstood requirement for success for this reason: people focus on activity over results. Actual productivity achieves results that are required by a specific aim, whether that aim is to get through a daily To-Do list or something more complex. The point here is: you may have to learn what productivity means for your goal. If you have unrealized goals, there's a reason. You may not know how to plan, prepare, or have the knowledge or skill required in order to achieve your particular goal. Or, you may be unwilling to do the work to succeed. Be honest with yourself. If you're serious about success, sacrifice and effort are required. In order to make your best effort to achieve your goal, learn about IDEAL. Select IDEAL under About in the header of this website). Your next step is to learn how to apply IDEAL to what you want to improve, achieve, or become, specifically. If you try and fail, at worst, you don’t have the benefit of something sought. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that no benefit was available to you. If you fail to reach a goal, you may have the opportunity to learn how to improve.

Apply IDEAL to lead your client or team to success
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