Th key to great achievement is . . .


. . . the most misunderstood requirement for success

It is impossible to reach any goal without being productive. Productivity is the common denominator among all successful endeavors.  If you are serious about the success of your goals, then master productivity across each of its cornerstones: project, produce, progress, and prepare. And know what productivity requires of you – specifically. 


Don’t take unnecessary chances with your success. Ensure your success; learn how to actually be productive.

Whatever your goal, if you aren’t productive, you will fail to succeed.  This fact requires anyone who is serious about their success to understand what being productive actually means.

Productivity is concerned with everything that is relevant to your specific pursuit of success. Your plan, preparation, and pursuit for success must not be hyper-specific to what makes you and your endeavor unique—your abilities, knowledge, circumstances, resources, etc.

What is your goal or vision?


  • Start a business

  • Increase sales for a business

  • Become physically fit

  • Achieve a degree or rank

  • Become a subject expert

  • Write and publish music

  • Run a marathon

  • Lose weight

  • Master a skill

  • Write a book

Improve Results: Know the 4 Cornerstones of Productivity

of 4

Project / Plan

Fact:  a top cause of failed goals is the lack of planning.


If the success of your goal is important to you, learn how to plan your success.  Knowing what you want to achieve does not mean that you know how to achieve. Sure, you have an idea of what’s involved with reaching your goal, but that level of knowledge may be far from sufficient to aptly prepare you for the requirements and challenges that you could face.  Additionally, knowing how to succeed and knowing how not to fail are distinctly different.  A well-designed plan will account for all aspects of your pursuit of success. The bottom line is: learn how to plan, if your goal matters to you.

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