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Productivity = results.
Learn to be productive.

Success requires productivity.

Learn how to achieve the results required for your success

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Optimize Productivity

If you're interested in productivity, here's a fresh and powerful perspective on getting the most from your time and efforts. This essential knowledge is absolutely FREE when you join the Achievers community. Download the PDF now and learn what optimal productivity requires.

The 4 Ps by Steven Robert Young

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Are You Actually Productive?

Do you agree with this:  If the results from your activity do not sufficiently advance you toward your goal (keep you on-track to your success), then you are not being productive. Of course.

Productivity is the most misunderstood requirement for success. Productivity is not about activity; it's about the results required in order for you to be on-track toward your aim. 

Let's suppose you have a well-defined goal, which could be something complex, like start a business, or simple, such as to get through the day's To-Do list. You may be focused and know the steps / activities that will achieve your aim, but if your activity fails to yield results that will keep you on-track, then you could fail to reach your goal. You are unproductive.

So, in order to be actually productive (not merely busy), you must: (1) have a well-defined aim; (2) know what activities to take and results you need; and (3) be able to provide the results required in order to count yourself as "productive."  

Do you need help being productive?  Scroll down on this page for support options. 

About You

You may be a business owner, or, perhaps, you're someone who wants to start a business, improve your health or well-being. Maybe you have a financial or career goal, or want to improve your relationships . Whatever your situation, whatever your interest, whatever your current ability, in order for you to achieve any goal, you must be productive. So, the sooner you learn what productivity requires for your success, the greater the chances are that you will succeed.

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Next Steps

Regardless of what you know about productivity, this fact remains: if you want to improve, achieve, or become something important to you—in your life or for your business—the starting point is to learn what productivity requires from you. You'll then want to ensure your ability to meet those requirements!

Your next step, then, is to test your knowledge about how to be productive. Take a look at other sections on this page.  Also, learn about the 4 Ps of productivity.

What You Need to Know

The starting point of any pursuit of success is to know what success requires of you specifically. In order to know what productivity requires, knowledge about your subject and productivity is critically important.  At this point, you’re clear about your goal and process—your course to success.  You need to also be clear about your minimum performance standard (MPS).  The MPS is the result from activity required in order for you to avoid being at risk of failure.

Success is impossible apart from being productive. Yet, productivity is the most misunderstood requirement for success.  Get on the fast-track to greater productivity with the simple—but powerful—five-step model: IDEAL. IDEAL is:

  1.  Intend:  what you want

  2.  Direct:  how you approach your aim

  3.  Engage:  your activities / their results

  4.  Assess:  how you interpret progress

  5.  Learn:  your ability to improve

Get Answers

The quickest way to answers that are specific to you is to schedule a free consultation. This no obligation call is about your interests, not an effort to sell something. So, write down your questions and get ready for answers!

Free and paid support is available to:

  • Goal-oriented people

  • Business owners

  • Coaches and trainers

  • Sales professionals

  • Marketing professionals

  • Health enthusiasts

  • Self-improvement zealots

  • Managers

  • Team leaders

The Course!

Take the essential course for productivity! The Achieve power course is based on the book by the same name. Get up to speed on vital knowledge for achieving goals, so that you are prepared to make your best effort to achieve your success—faster.

Learn More

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