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High-Impact Sales Improvement

The most important sales course you may ever take!

Get Answers!

  1. Fresh Sales Perspective: Discover the straightforward answer to catapult your sales figures to new heights.

  2. Productivity Mastery: Learn a fresh perspective on optimizing your productivity.

  3. How to Achieve Sales Goals: Uncover the proven-effective approach that will give you a clear course to greater sales.

  4. The 5-Step Breakthrough: Learn the empowering 5-step model that will take you beyond improvement; it will help you achieve your sales potential.

Guaranteed Impact

We're so confident in the transformative power of this course that we offer a guarantee – it will deliver the most value you've ever experienced from a sales message in just 30 minutes. Prepare to see sales differently and discover the keys to greater sales results!


Power Courses

The knowledge you need now
for what you want to achieve.

Learn a more effective way to succeed with what is important to you—sales growth in your business. 

Answers — in just 30 minutes

Discover the game-changing online course that's set to revolutionize your approach to sales. For a limited time, you can gain access to this invaluable resource completely FREE. This is not just another sales course; it's the quintessential sales experience you've been waiting for.

For a limited time this course is available for FREE.

Created especially for you!

  • Business owners

  • Sales & Marketing pros

  • Sales Leaders

  • Trainers / Consultants / Coaches

  • Emerging sales pros

For a limited time this course is available for FREE.
Just 30 minutes

About Steven

Your course instructor is an innovator, author, and the creator of the IDEAL process, a five-step approach to greater productivity for what is important to those who want to improve, achieve, or become something important—in their lives or for their businesses.

Steven is a consultant who works with individuals and businesses. His articles are published by global industry leaders and award-winning magazines, such as Training Industry. He is also a top-rated trainer (contracted) for an international training academy, and the host of a NEW audiocast series, Think IDEAL, a show dedicated to topics related to productivity.

Numerous testimonials and more information about Steven is available here

Get coaching from Steven!
What will you say?

“Working with Steven is exhilarating and a learning experience … [Steve] takes great pride in being able to satisfy the client’s ultimate goal.” 

- Monroe Alechman, Senior Vice President, Estee Lauder Companies

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